New Beginning Center is fortunate to have an extremely dedicated force of volunteers supporting our programs and fundraising efforts. These gifts of time and talent are essential to keeping our doors open to the battered women and children in our community who desperately need our services. In lean times, volunteers become even more critical to making ends meet, and so we reach out and ask for your help. Whether you’re an individual, part of a group, a corporate team, there’s a place for you in our volunteer program.


Want to become one of our AMAZING Volunteers?

Fill out our online application: Online Application


Complete this form and drop it off in person or send it by fax (972) 276-1344: Volunteer Application


Type of volunteers we take:

  • Community Volunteers
  • Community Restitution Volunteers
  • Service Learning
  • Interns (both Bachelor’s and Master’s level students)
  • LPC interns


How do I get started?
If you are doing community service restitution, come by  218 North Tenth Street in Garland between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. We do not accept anyone who has ever committed a crime against a person.

Your application will be processed and you will receive a letter or an e-mail about the status of your application. All community service volunteers are placed at the resale shop. You are more than welcome to attend the Agency Volunteer Orientation held once a month, usually the last Tuesday of the month.

All other volunteers simply need to contact the Volunteer Coordinator to set up a time to fill out a volunteer application or you can download the application and fax to 972-276-1344. Additional trainings may be required depending on your volunteer job placement.

Master’s level Counseling and Social Work students wishing for an internship at New Beginning Center should plan on a two semester commitment.

Praxis and service learning volunteers will need to supply their school contract information.


What is the time commitment?
Most volunteer shifts are three hours. You can come once a week or every other week, whichever schedule works best for you. Just remember to truly commit and be on time. We’re depending on you!

See our Volunteer Opportunities or email volunteer@newbeginningcenter.org