Crisis Hotline and Emergency Shelter


Our Crisis Hotline is available 7 days / week, 24 hours a day – 972-276-0057.

New Beginning Center’s Crisis Hotline serves adult victims of domestic violence. If you need help, please do not hesitate to call.  We are here to help you.  If someone has been hurt and needs medical attention, please call 911 immediately.

Our Shelter provides a safe haven away from harm.

New Beginning Center’s Crisis Intervention Shelter provides a safe place, a place to explore all options and make choices that will help end the violence.

Approximately 40% of shelter residents are children under the age of ten. Our Child and Adolescent program at the Shelter offers resources for young people, to help overcome the anxiety, fear and myriad of challenges often experienced by children who have suffered or witnessed family violence.

The goal of New Beginning Center’s Shelter is to reduce the trauma and the further victimization for those who have fled their homes. We provide assistance via safe housing, food, clothing, crisis intervention, counseling, access to legal assistance, crime victim’s compensation, affidavits for protective orders, vocational and educational resources, childcare placement assistance, referrals to transitional living arrangements, transportation for medical care, and other personal advocacy services.

No one is alone!  One out of four women will experience some type of abuse or domestic violence in her lifetime.  We understand the issues surrounding this epidemic and we are always available to help.

For more information you can also send an e-mail to