Our History

New Beginning Center started in 1979.  Our Founder, Dana Cooper, was an assistant to a craniofacial surgeon. After being called to work on a Saturday morning for an emergency surgery, Dana rushed to work and found a 26 year old woman that had been beaten nearly to death. Almost every bone in her face was broken; her husband had beaten her with the butt of his rifle.

Dana saw the young woman many times over the following weeks. As her physical condition improved, it became obvious that the trauma and emotional wounds were left untreated.

Eventually Dana found an opportunity to ask, “Why do you stay?” And her reply: “I have no choice. I have nowhere to go. No money. No family.” Dana realized there were no local resources available for victims of domestic violence. No one to discuss her fears and anxiety. No safe place to spend the night away from harm. No one to advocate for her safety and well-being.  No one to help her move forward.

Dana Cooper enlisted the support of her friends in the Garland Service League, determined to create “a choice” for women suffering domestic violence.

By 1983, the foundation was established. The organization used donated office space and the new foundation was managed by a small band of 12 volunteers (some served as board members) and a dedicated staff of one, all determined to help families transition to a life without domestic violence.

Today, with more than 30 years’ experience, New Beginning Center is the only designated domestic violence agency in the northeast sector of Dallas County, serving Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Rowlett and Sachse. Our team is committed to offering a full complement of services that educate the community, prevent violence and abuse and offer critical support for families who have experienced domestic violence. Our services include a 33-bed shelter, individual and group intervention services for parents and children, case management, financial and literacy programs, a Battering and Intervention Prevention Program, transitional housing, a 24-hour hotline, three service delivery locations and an outreach program that partners with local school districts for community education and awareness.

Although we have grown quite a bit since 1979, we honor the founding team’s commitment to every family by offering individualized care; and we are just as determined to be the driving force in the prevention of domestic violence in the communities we serve.