In 1979, Dana was a 26 year old woman working for a Cranial Facial Surgeon. One Saturday morning Dana was getting ready to take her children to the usual weekend activities when her boss called her unexpectedly. A young woman the same age as Dana needed emergency surgery and the surgeon wanted Dana to assist. When Dana arrived into work that day she had no idea of the impact it would make on her life.

The patient had severe injuries and almost every bone in her face had been broken. Her husband had beaten her with the end of a rifle. After 8 hours of surgery the young woman started her road to recovery. While the physical injuries healed Dana became closer to the patient and quickly realized that the emotional scares were not healing so well.

Dana would watch the woman come to her outpatient appointments each week, accompanied by her husband. Eventually Dana asked “why do you stay?” The woman responded “I have no choice, I have no where to go, no money, no family”.

As a member of the Garland Service League, Dana became determined to enlist their help to give women affected by domestic violence “a choice”.

New Beginning Center was born in 1983 with an initial budget of $750, donated office space, a volunteer board, and a staff of one. Spurred by an abiding concern for the number of abused women seeking treatment in the local hospital’s emergency room, this initial group of twelve committed citizens planted the seeds for a program to serve families affected by domestic violence. The organization today has a budget of $1.8 million, 4 service sites and a staff of 42.