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Domestic violence programs are experiencing funding cuts or reductions from multiple sources.

In a recent survey of NNEDV’s 56 member state and territorial coalitions against domestic violence, 69% reported that domestic violence programs experienced overall funding decreases.


Almost 80% of states reported that their programs were experiencing cuts or reduction in funding from local county and city sources.

Approximately 90% of states reported that their programs were seeing decreases in private donations.

Increase in Demand: At the same time that funding is decreasing, programs across the country are seeing an increase in demand for services. In NNEDV’s funding survey, 88% of state and territorial coalitions reported that domestic violence programs have recently experienced an increase in requests. When coupled with the decrease in funding, this creates an unconscionable gap in services.

But, the one-day survey also shows that over 1,300 requests for domestic violence services were unmet because local programs were unable to provide services because there was not enough funding or staff to handle the requests for services. Nearly 40 percent of those requests were for housing.Your gift helps us provide quality staff, excellent services and a wide range of educational opportunities both within our facility and throughout our local community.  By contributing, you ensure that these adults will continue to be given the opportunity to learn and grow, achieving their highest level of success. YOU are making a difference!

Through financial support, you can be an integral part of the work to stop family violence. You can make an individual donation, help solicit a corporate contribution from your company or participate in our fundraisers and other events. Thank you for your contribution to our programs and our fight to end domestic violence…

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$36 Buys an infant’s diapers for two weeks

$78 Supplies milk for all at the shelter for two weeks

$60 Provides a bus pass for a victim for a month while they’re job hunting

$200 Pays for agency crisis lines, available 24 hours a day, for three weeks

$350 Underwrites medical supplies and prescriptions for the shelter for a month

$1000 “Sponsors” two children for two weeks at the shelter, covers their emergency care, food, and counseling


Memorials and Honorariums

Make a donation in memory or in honor of a loved one or a special event such as a wedding, birth or graduation. Memorial and honorarium gifts are tax-deductible by the contributor as a charitable donation. The family member of the deceased or the individual being honored will receive a card acknowledging your gift. Just fill out and submit the following form:

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