Client Stories and Letters

Last year (October 2014 through September 2015), New Beginning Center provided shelter and housing for more than 400 people, handled more than 10,000 calls via our hotline, facilitated more than 3,550 hours of individual and group counseling, reached more than 9,000 teens and community members with our community education program and served 210 individuals via our Battering Intervention and Prevention Program.  While every day is certainly very busy, we remain laser focused on our mission to help each individual along the path to a healthier, happier life.  And we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I am so grateful for places such as yours and Safe Place. If it was not for loving individuals such as you all I would not have been able to leave my abusive relationship over five years ago. Thank you!!!” – Erika


“K.H.” entered our shelter on 03/19/15 stating that her experience with abuse began during the month of October of 2014. K.H. stated she was verbally, emotionally, psychologically, physically, and sexually abused. Her abuser also stalked her on various occasions. In the most recent incident, she stated the abuser was intoxicated and began using profanity towards her for no apparent reason, he called her names and demanded money from her, which lead to financial issues and losing her apartment. The client applied for a protective order prior to entering our shelter. Our shelter advocates accompanied her to court hearings and provided her with the emotional support she needed to be confident and able to testify in court. Although, the client did not initially receive a protective order, our advocates assisted her with research needed to reverse the decision. During her stay at the shelter, K.H. applied for Parkland healthcare, housing through the city of Dallas, and she received medical services. Our client advocate assisted her in applying for Crime Victim Compensation and she received relocation funding through CVC of Texas. K.H. attended a job fair while in the shelter and she was able to find full time employment. K.H. was also accepted into New Beginning Center’s transitional housing program. We referred her to the Dallas Furniture Bank and she was able to move out on her own on 05/01/15. K.H. was so grateful for the staff’s continual support that she wrote a letter to every advocate detailing how that particular staff member aided her in her transition.