Client Stories and Letters


I am so grateful for places such as yours and Safe Place. If it was not for loving individuals such as you all I would not have been able to leave my abusive relationship over five years ago. Thank you!!!” – Erika


“Fran” (Name changed for privacy)
A young woman named Fran called New Beginning Center after being notified that her spouse, who was serving three years in prison for her assault, was being released after serving less than a year on “good behavior”. When the assault took place, Fran lived in central Texas. She moved back north, expecting financial support that never came.  The family was really struggling. She was near panic when she came to our office. She had young children; her car needed repairs; she had no job, no family to offer support. She lived in low income housing and had not been receiving rental assistance or other aid. Her two young boys made excellent grades in school but she worried constantly about their well-being. She was not aware of any resources or organizations that could help.  Through New Beginning Center, Fran was introduced to a case manager at the local social services office.  Our counselor also called a contact at the local community college and she met with her to discuss educational opportunities. She was soon accepted into the job training program for medical coding, but she was called out of class during her first week, invited to a job interview.  Apparently, Fran had been quite persistent in distributing her resume to everyone!  She got the job.  Her new boss sent her to get her hair styled and also arranged a visit with our friends at Attitudes and Attire to choose some new clothes. When Fran received her first paycheck she was so excited.  Excited to be moving forward with a new career and better life with her children!


Dear New Beginning Center,

“I wanted to write you a little note to tell you something that I think you will be proud of to know that your hard work, help and caring did make a huge difference in my life and my daughters.

When we first came to New Beginnings I was leaving a bad relationship that ended up in violence not only for me but also my daughters. Then to top it off went right back into another crash landing relationship. With your outlook and knowledge you were aware of this from the get go but I was insistent that it was anything but bad. You not only helped me see the cause as to why I had continued to fall into these relationships and why I tried so hard to make them work and be something they weren’t (GOOD FOR ME)!

…One day you said to me “We are going to reverse roles today if I didn’t mind. So we started and you would act as if you were me and I would be you. Wow what an eye opener for me. You started by repeating what I had said to you in our previous sessions with hand and body gestures and all. One thing you always said to me was “If I would only listen to what I was saying”. I started laughing uncontrollably at the fact that you did such a wonderful impression of me.

The true ice breaker for me was to notice that I was not the only person in the world who had an out of this world parent who would drive you nuts and embarrass the heck out of you. I believe I laughed for 2 days about our discussion about my mother. The light was finally shinning at the end of the tunnel. I could actually see it and I had something to reach for. Self acceptance and to know I matter.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is that I want you to know the happy ending that all your hard work took part in. …and here is the real fairy tale ending. I got married to the most wonderful man who adores me and my daughters and they adore him. …Well here we are happier than I thought ever possible. Not only do I trust in him but I know without any reservation that he is my soul mate. I came across all the papers that I saved from our meetings and I read over them studied them and to my amazement just as I had thought there were NO RED FLAGS! We communicate with one another, we don’t judge each other or compare past relationships. No harsh words & it feels absolutely natural to be together there are no forced feelings with any of us. We all are able to be who we are and it feels wonderful to be in the place where I thought I would never be IN A WONDERFUL, CARING, STRONG, PEACEFUL, LOVING, GROWING RELATIONSHIP.

Bottom line is that I might not be where I am today if it weren’t for you … You taught me to be a stronger person and believe in myself and that being in a bad relationship isn’t right, abuse isn’t right (on the giving and receiving end).

As I promised when we had our last meeting that I would send you a progress report on my situation …

I want to tell those who are responsible for the making of New Beginnings, …what a huge difference they make to those who seek their help. I pray that they are there for many years to come. …I am certain that I am not the only success story that has come from the services given here. But I will tell you that every dollar that is funded to them is used to the extent and well used. Please keep it going it helps so many…Thank you so much!”