Child and Adolescent Services


Children and adolescents who have witnessed domestic violence are provided individual and group counseling in a supportive environment that offers understanding and support.

Play therapy is offered for children ages 3-10. Play therapy allows children to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings through toys and play in ways best suited to their developmental level.

Activity therapy is offered to children and adolescents 11-17 years of age. Activity therapy incorporates art, books, games, and structured activities to facilitate communication and understanding. Individual counseling is also offered to adolescents who prefer this option.

Group counseling is offered for both children and adolescents.


Parent education is provided to assist parents in understanding the impact of domestic violence on their children, appropriate discipline techniques, available resources for children, and other forms of assistance as needed. Parents of children receiving counseling services through the Child and Adolescent Program also receive information, feedback, and progress updates from their child’s counselor through individual parent consultations.


For adolescents experiencing dating violence, counseling and case management services are offered as well.


For more information, contact our Victim Outreach Program at 972-276-0423 or