What a year!

It's only April and we have been going and blowing all year! Our first event the Bowling Tournament was amazing! Thank you to all who came out and bowled to help strike out domestic violence! Then it was on to our newest event, The Mixer! A night of art and fine spirits! What an amazing event that was! Can't wait ti' next year's Mixer! We just finished our beloved Bag Lady event and so excited to … [Read more...]

Thanks to our Golf Tournament Sponsors!

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Have You Joined the NBC 101 Club Yet?

This is the 30th Year Anniversary of New Beginning Center and we are kicking it off with our innovative fundraising campaign the NBC 101 Club! We are looking for 100 people who want to help end domestic violence in our community and who are willing to donate just $10 each month for the next 10 months! Its easy, fast and we can raise much needed funds for our agency and our shelter! Click Here & … [Read more...]

Alertan sobre el abuso del noviazgo entre adolescentes

(Al Dia - 2/9/09) Por RICHARD ABSHIRE Muchas veces la violencia doméstica empieza a edad temprana, y las personas de 16 a 24 años están en la etapa de mayor riesgo, afirman expertos que están trabajando para difundir este mensaje entre las posibles víctimas durante la Semana de Prevención y Concientización Contra la Violencia en el Noviazgo Adolescente. "La violencia entre parejas … [Read more...]

Dating Violence a Big Problem For Texas Teens

(The 33 News - 2/9/09) Norris Deajon, The 33 News February 9, 2009 "This is someone who said I'll never lay a hand on a girl. You know you'll hear guys say that." A 23-year-old woman who asked to remain anonymous told us that's what her former boyfriend told her two years ago. Then he started abusing her. She has the scars to prove it. "He was throwing me on the ground. At one … [Read more...]

Awareness week designed to raise red flags about teen dating violence

(Dallas Morning News - 2/9/09) 12:00 AM CST on Monday, February 9, 2009 By RICHARD ABSHIRE / The Dallas Morning News rabshire@dallasnews.com Domestic violence often starts early, and teens and young adults ages 16 to 24 are at the highest risk of their lives, according to experts working to get that message out during Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week. "Dating … [Read more...]